django-uwsgi is easy installable via pip:

pip install django-uwsgi

or clone it from github:

git clone
cd django-uwsgi
pip install .

# or for development
pip install -e .

By default django-uwsgi doesn’t installed with uWSGI as requirement. And here are a few known reasons why:

  • Django project installed into virtualenv and running in Emperor mode. In this case uWSGI is installed system-wide or into some other virtualenv.
  • Some devs love to use system package managers like apt and prefer to install uwsgi other way.
  • you need to build uWSGI with custom profile ex: UWSGI_PROFILE=gevent pip install uwsgi

You can install django-uwsgi with uWSGI by appending [uwsgi] to the install command:

pip install django-uwsgi[uwsgi]